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Manufacturer for Your Custom Packaging Needs


At EastCoast Packaging Corp. we are committed to the needs of our customers. We manufacture a variety of custom packaging options including rigid setup boxes, trays, folding cartons, wrapped boxes, die-cut items, chipboard sheets and pads, inserts, premium gift boxes, and more. We also provide services to the packaging and printing industry such as die-cutting, folding, gluing, kitting, fulfillment, paperboard converting, sheeting, prototypes, short run production, warehousing and logistics.

We are a leading manufacturer of plain or branded rigid setup boxes, folding cartons, and insert/outsert trays for the pharmaceutical, retail, food, apparel, printing, and many other industries. We are also a finishing house for printers looking to outsource die-cutting, folding, gluing, and foil stamping.

EastCoast Packaging is committed to meeting all custom packaging needs and goals, delivering consistent quality, and providing superior customer service.



At EastCoast Packaging we LISTEN, RESPOND, PERFORM and DELIVER.

LISTEN means to hear with intent. We listen to our customers so we can understand their needs in order to fully meet their goals.

RESPOND means to react as needed. We respond quickly to customer needs. Excellent service gives our customers the edge they need to stay competitive.

PERFORM means to follow through. How we perform is paramount to our relationship with our customers. Quality products and superb customer service helps us remain committed to this goal.

DELIVER means to carry out. We deliver what you need, when you need it. We are relied on for our “just in time” manufacturing process.



Mission Statement

EastCoast Packaging Corp. provides exceptional products and services by focusing on the needs of our customers, vendors and employees. As leaders in the design and manufacturing of quality packaging, we provide a competitive advantage because we can meet every packaging need, however large or small. EastCoast Packaging is committed to serving our environment by using only the highest quality post-consumer recycled paperboard products.