EastCoast Packaging Corp.

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Now Offering Food Industry Packaging


EastCoast Packaging has a full array of papers and chipboards that are used in the packaging of food grade products. From sulfite bleached chip to clay coated newsback we have all types of materials that will meet your needs and that carry FDA documentation.  For added protection inquire about polyethylene coating. From bakery boxes, dividers, […]

That’s A Nice Box!

Have you ever ordered an item from the internet and you are trying so hard to be patient to see it arrive on your doorsteps. You pull into your driveway and see the box sitting on your front steps and you rush inside to open it up. You rip open the plain, ugly shipping box […]

Packaging Design

One of the critical points that identify the image of a product is its packaging. Certain elements such as attractive graphics, bright vivid colors, and unusual shapes are carefully thought of in order for a company to come up with packaging design that catches the attention of the consumers. The packaging design is a critical […]


Who and what is EastCoast Packaging? A Manufacturer for Your Custom Packaging Needs EastCoast Packaging is a leading manufacturer of plain rigid setup boxes, plain and printed folding cartons, and insert/outsert trays for the pharmaceutical, food, apparel, and printing industries, among others.  EastCoast Packaging is also a finishing house for printers looking to outsource die cutting, folding-gluing, […]