Have you ever ordered an item from the internet and you are trying so hard to be patient to see it arrive on your doorsteps. You pull into your driveway and see the box sitting on your front steps and you rush inside to open it up. You rip open the plain, ugly shipping box and there it sits, packaged all neat and enticing. The writing or design on top of the package is transmitting to your brain about what treasure might be inside. EastCoast Packaging might have a part in your new and exciting product and you didn’t even know it! We manufacture chipboard boxes that range from typical and standard to exciting and alluring! We possess top quality machines that have exceptional capabilities of making your packaging dreams come true. If you can dream it, we can produce it. EastCoast Packaging is built on excellent customer service and will always do our best to meet your needs. EastCoast Packaging would LOVE to manufacture your next project.

Check out our website: http://www.ecpkg.com or email info@ecpkg.com