Customer Testimonials

"We want to thank you for your superior service when we found ourselves in an emergency situation yesterday evening. Our inventory was off on a tray we needed for a customer launch. As such, we found ourselves in a situation where we would have potentially delayed our delivery date to the customer. These types of delays are NEVER forgotten in this industry, and often lead to loss of customer confidence, and ultimately lost business. We were impressed that you called in a crew yesterday evening, and had trays on our doorstep first thing this morning. We absolutely want to keep these fire drills to a minimum, but you all said you would do whatever it takes, and over the past 24 hours, you really did. Please thank your employees. I am sure they understand that when a customer has choices on where to place orders, it is performance like this that significantly influence these decisions."

– Commercial Printer

"Thank you again for your excellent service to our company. You always go the extra mile to make sure we have what we need when we need it. We look forward to many more years working with EastCoast."

– Recycling Company

"We appreciate your efforts in quickly getting us proto-type models of the boxes we wanted to use for our new product launch. Due to your quick response and competitive pricing, I can assure you that upon release, EastCoast will be getting the order. Thanks again."

– Retail Product Manufacturer

"Please tell Eva and her team how much we appreciate their efforts in getting us that last order ahead of the scheduled delivery date. It never goes unnoticed when one of our vendors goes the extra mile to accommodate us."

– Industrial Client

"Thanks again for helping us out of a jam by die cutting and folding/gluing the carton job that we just couldn’t get to. It really helps to know that EastCoast is willing and able to be a reliable outsource for jobs that we can’t do."

– Commercial Printer